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Casual Canapes

 Asorted Canape PlatterAsorted Canape PlatterAsorted Canape PlatterAsorted Canape Platter

Cold Canapes

Goatcheese crusted grapes with almonds... $3.0

Asian prawns with peaches & Pineapple on skewer... $4.0

Sesame seared ahu tuna with asian slaw... $3.5

Beef tenderloin with blue cheese & truffle... $4.0

Boursin filled tomatoes... $3.5

Crab salad with passion fruit, apple and jicama slaw... $4.0

Smoked salmon blini with caviar and creme fraiche... $5.0

Candied salmon with lemon cream cheese... $3.5

Duck salami with chipotle corn bread... $3.5

Proscuitto wrapped figs with balsamic reduction... $3.5

Bacon and Phyllo wrapped asparagus... $4.0

Smoked salmon mousse on lemon and herb biscuit... $3.5

Herb crusted tuna with seasonal fruit compote... $4.0

Roasted patty pans with olive, sundried tomatoe & lemon cream cheese topped with pinenuts... $4.0

Roast beef bun bites with horseradish crème Fraiche and Dijon... $4.0

Brie bites with carmalized spiced onions... $3.5

Chutney chicken bun bites... $3.5 each

Ratatouille and Asiago cups $3.0 each

Proscuitto and grilled asparagus with lemon zest reduced balsamic... $3.5 each

Proscuitto Wrapped Canteloupe with fresh basil... $3.5 each

Tomato and Boconcini bites... $3.5 each

Espresso crusted Beef tenderloin
With Anis red wine reduction... $4.0 each

Saffron prawn sandwich
With cilantro ginger butter... $4.0 each

Tuna Tartare Cucumber Cups
With an asian marinade... $4.0 each

Smoked salmon cucumber cups
With dill aioli... $3.5 each

Hot Canapes

Thai chicken satays
With peanut sauce... $4.0

Short rib yorkies... $4.0

Turkey yorkies with honey jam puree and cranberry sauce... $4.0

Short rib buns
With BBQ aioli... $4.0

Mini burgers... $4.0

Cedar salmon bites
With maple dill crust... $4.0

Vegetarian spring rolls... $3.5

Prawn tempura... $3.5

Crab cakes
With chili aioli and cilantro... $4.5

Schezuan beef skewers... $4.0

Peri peri prawns
With a roasted tomato, caper and lemon chutney... $3.5

Lamb lollipops... $6.5

Doubble baked truffled potato skins... $3.5
With pancetta and crème fraishe $3.0 each

Wild mushroom and goat cheese croc monsier
With fig jam...$3.5 each

(Minimum 1 Dozen Per Order)

Oven roasted Tomato and goat cheese bruschetta

Rock prawn& caper bruschetta

Wild mushroom and thyme bruschetta

Balsamic onion and port wine saltana with mozzarella

Fig and bacon with balsamic and herbs

Chorizo and tomato with chilli

Truffle asparagus, parmesan with black syrup

Pear, bluecheese, grapes and candied pecans

Avocoda, mango, pineapple, tuna and macadamia nut

Biltong, chutney, arugula and olive oil

Honey balsamic roast peppers with basil mozzarella

Spinach artichoke and red pepper

Sesame soy honey shiitake with edamame green onion

Carmelized apples with brie and bacon

All served on French baguette crustini... $36 per dozen

1 Kg baked brie topped with candied pecans or
caramelized onions served with white baguette
... $70